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1. With millimeter wave beam forming function, it can realize RF signal power amplification of transmitting link and gain amplification of receiving link.
2. Multi-functional CMOS chip has the function of pre-storing information, and the maximum support for pre-storing 256 sets of beams.
3. RF power detection function, which can realize channel temperature return and gain automatic compensation.
4. Combined with different array beam requirements, the calculation and weighting can be completed independently, and the function of MIMO256 array panel can be realized through external matching test auxiliary parts.

The multi-function integration of the RF multilayer board is carried out, and the active array panel, the low frequency control and the power supply network are well combined. Besides, the 5G millimeter-wave phased-array panel is scalable - using 64 array panel as the standard module, to realize more scalable plans and meet different performance requirements.