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5G Private Networks and integrated SIM (iUICC) for the IoT Back to Exhibitor Page

LTE private networks: switching to 5G

Private LTE networks are the backbone of Industry 4.0, supporting business-critical sensor monitoring, location tracking, connected workers, and autonomous vehicles. These self-contained networks are an alternative to Wi-Fi and public mobile networks, with upcoming 5G versions set to offer customers increased bandwidth and reduced latency, as well as improved security and reliability. We asked Sharath Muddaiah, Director, Strategic Solutions & Business Development at G+D, to tell us more.

iUICC – from hype to realization

The integrated SIM (iUICC) is the next stage in SIM technology. Traditional SIM cards are removable chips set into plastic surrounds, and eSIMs are dedicated embedded chips on your device’s circuit board. However, the iUICC takes this technology to an entirely new level.