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The solution is based on a modular design, aligned with Intel Converged Edge Reference Architecture (CERA) specifications, that aims to accommodate for different site sizing and use cases with a common framework to host dynamic deployment of apps, VNFs and CNFs for edge-in-a-box solutions. The most valuable benefits of this solution are:​

Demonstrate Orchestration Management for edge-in-a-box solutions: Multi-vendor, multi-domain, multi-site from a single pane of glass.​

Demonstrate state-of-the-art NPN telco functions: CNFs (cloud native solution) for ORAN, CNFs (cloud native solution) for converged 5GSA/LTE packet core and best of breed performance.​

Demonstrate unique portfolio of servers from DC to Edge with unique equipment for Edge Computing, with dedicated specs, state of the art robustness, thermals and security and best in class infrastructure automation (Lenovo Open Cloud Automation)​

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