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The 5G core network (5GC) is defined as a decomposable network architecture in 3GPP, introducing a service-based interface (SBI) with HTTP/2 as the basic communication protocol, and separation of control plane and user plane (CUPS).
IP multimedia subsystem is a brand-new form of multimedia services, which can meet the needs of terminal customers for more novel and diversified multimedia services.
Agrandtech's 5GC includes NFs as follow: UPF, AUSF, UDM, AMF, SMF, PCF, NSSF, NRF. It is a full-features and standard core network.

Features of Agrandtech's 5GC:
- Virtualized and containerized deployment
- Cloud-native architecture
- Full standard network functions and interfaces
- Support third-party vendor RAN
- Support VoNR(IMS as converged)
- Up to million subscribers