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The 5G Core Network(5GC) adopts a separate control and forwarding architecture, which enables independent mobility management and session management.

Multiple sessions can be established and managed simultaneously by different user-plane network elements and multiple control-plane network elements, enabling parallel operation of local and remote traffic.

·IPLOOK's 5GC includes the elements: UPF, AUSF, UDM, AMF, SMF, PCF, NSSF, NRF, NEF.
·Highly compact, IPLOOK 5GC can be implemented on low end COTS servers, or can utilize available CPU capacity in a radio by embedding directly into available CPU cores within the radio itself. It can also be containerized for deployment on an NFV platform.
·IPLOOK 5GC has higher compatibility and will be upgraded to support 3G and 4G user access. Users can register for 3G/4G/ 5G networks, thus ensuring a smooth upgrade to 5G for existing 3G/4G users.