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480W 20-Port USB charging cart Back to Exhibitor Page

1.20x USB-C or 20x QC3.0 ports with the cutting edge USB-C Power Delivery ( PD ) and Quick Charge 3.0.
2.USB-C chargers compatible USB-C Macbooks, Chromebooks, Ultrabooks, tablets, smartphones and other devices.
3.Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 charges compatible devices 27% faster than QC2.0 charger.
4.Capable to charge standard laptops such as Surface Pro 4 with optional USB laptop charging cord and DC tips through QC3.0 ports.
5.Adopt the Intelligent Power Allocation technology and charge 20 laptops or 20 tablets simultaneously.
6.Each port has LED indicator light showing the charging status clearly.
7.Designed with LED illumination light, auto sensing once the door opened or closed.
8.IEC C14 inlet makes power connections easy, universal worldwide 100-240V input voltage.
9.The ultraviolet light function makes the charging cabinet much safer and more healthy.
10.Equipped with the intelligent fan controlling system, making the heat dissipation work well.

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