Pnetworks was established in 2019 for the sales, marketing & integration activities of IP network communication, control systems, power
transmission/distribution of Pavo Group companies operating in the defense industry since 2003.

Pnetworks is located within Technopark Istanbul, which is the biggest R&D center and Technology Development Zone in Turkiye and accommodates companies that aim to contribute to our country’s industry with cooperation of the Presidency of Defense Industry, Istanbul
Chamber of Commerce, and Istanbul Commerce University since 2009.

Pnetworks’ network security products carry out data center construction, infrastructure, and installation ,activities with switching-routing devices. It serves as a means of integration in Turkey and internationally in addition to product sales.

Pnetworks which determines the use of Turkish and national products as a model in its activities, positions the units that are not included in its design and production capabilities from other industry companies that have proven their quality in the world and positions them in their solutions.