Planet Computers Ltd


Planet Computers is a UK mobile handset and network appliance manufacturer behind the award-winning Gemini PDA, Cosmo Communicator and the new Astro Slide.

Planet Computers is showing the Astro Slide 5G, its flagship 5G smartphone with integrated keyboard.

At MWC, Planet Computers is launching its new ranges of PCs and SmartCPEs. The XR series of Planet PCs features Ubuntu Linux and is based on ARM multicore processor technology featuring an integrated colour touchscreen with soft keys for frequent tasks, a system monitor and controls for WiFi, Bluetooth, audio and other system functions. It is a first for out-of-the-box experience of Linux mini desktop computers. Featuring the XR1 value range and the XR2 performance range of mini desktops, the XR series is zero configuration - allowing anyone to become a new user of Linux user straight out-of-the-box.

The ANA-1 and ANA-2 SmartCPEs are ARM based Linux CPEs aimed at Telco deployments for SME customers.

Mobile operator and distributor enquiries welcome.