Created by telecom veterans, PIA-TEAM helps organizations for fulfilling today’s digitalization opportunities into new businesses. PiA’s flagship product, DNext, is the Next Cloud Native Digital Customer Engagement and smart B2C/B2B Commerce&Order Orchestration Platform. DNext turns into reality the journey; from the present operational mode of maintaining monolithic legacy BSS/OSS apps, to the Next future mode of platform-based operations. DNext comprises on/off prem cloud-native, dynamically scalable, enterprise grade secure components, exposes core capabilities via industry standards compliant TMFORUM Open APIs, and provides out-of-the-box flexible business process automation. Equally, and even more important for any business, DNext provides AI ready Business/Operational Analytics. From operational standpoint, DNext is built on a contemporary open cloud-native technology stack with minimal OPEX preventing “the functionally so capable, operationally nightmare to maintain systems” dilemma.