PaaSoo Technology


In today’s world, connectivity is the key to your business, and we understand how important it is to you.
With Direct Telecom Network Connections in 200+ Countries, PaaSoo’s powerful and sharp applications are helping its clients around the globe by amplifying their engagement. By delivering more than 10+ Million messages securely every single day, we are assisting our partners in sectors such as E-Gaming, Banking, E-Commerce, Healthcare, Telecoms and much more in every continent.
PaaSoo’s comprehensive tools & selection of straightforward, developer-friendly APIs, empowers organizations of any size to utilize the power of mobile technology for growing their business and staying connected to their precious customers. Its powerful, agile and cost-effective cloud communication solutions enable its clients to connect with their end-users across the globe.
PaaSoo’s scalable & flexible services are already helping many Start-Ups & Multinational Companies and we believe that our APIs & tools are only limited to your imagination.

Think Efficient, Think PaaSoo!