ORS comm GmbH & Co. KG


“5G Broadcast meets Broadband” is an initiative of ORS group and Nakolos targeting hybrid distribution applications to enhance the 5G Broadcast ecosystem and support future commercial deployments. The initiative is supported by various organizations, e.g. Broadcast Networks Europe and the European Broadcasting Union.
The Nakolos project was initiated by the ORS goup and Bitstem to further develop viable use cases for content distribution via 5G Broadcast. Nakolos develops solutions for seamless switching between internet streaming and 5G Broadcast to offload data from mobile networks and lower the costs for content distribution as well as low latency distribution.
The ORS group, the service provider for analogue and digital broadcasting in Austria, is significantly involved in the enhancement of the new 5G Broadcast transmission standard. It enables linear broadcast content to be distributed directly to mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets – without Wi-Fi or internet.