OPNT, which stands for Optical Positioning Navigation and Timing, is an expert in accurate and reliable time distribution over long distances based on White Rabbit technology. OPNT is a Dutch SME which has its roots in the science department of the VU University in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

All our critical infrastructure relies on satellite-based timing (e.g. GPS, Galileo). This includes the telecom industry, the financial industry and the energy grids. Governments (e.g. EU, US, UK) need a backup solution to this satellite dependence for homeland security.

OPNT’s ambition is to transfer the global satellite-based timing industry towards a terrestrial based timing service, thereby opening up the €200 billion global market of GNSS (eg. GPS and Galileo).

OPNT makes use of technology developed at CERN and transformed this to fit the telecom infrastructure, thus making time distribution extremely robust and efficient. The increased accuracy also boosts innovations like quantum computing and terrestrial positioning (key for autonomous driving)