Nexuce solution is a project by Roamability, helping mobile operators around the globe to share mobile resources.
The solution features important Technological Advantages that make Nexuce an outstanding asset for operators and their subscribers.

It started with Roamability´s Dynamic Multi IMSI (DMI) real-time controlled solution for international mobile roaming services. Patents awarded (US #10492057 EU #EP3682655).

Nexuce acts as a "smart bridge” between the Mobile Operators´ core network and customers, to enable to share their IMSI, GTs, MSISDN, and to sell extra network capacity for Roaming services, IoT, A2P and more.
Expansion of revenue from selling extra resources and capacity around the globe, made simple and seamless.

The solution assists in easily connecting networks from startups to tier 1 mobile operators around the globe.

Nexuce is already connected to networks in more than 50 countries around the globe.