Movandi is a 5G and beyond millimeter wave (mmWave) company focused on the design and development of deep RF semiconductor technology and software that transforms how we live, work and play by powering networks and applications for service providers and enterprises. With over 83 mmWave patents filed, we have a first mover advantage and our unique innovations have solved the difficult mmWave technical and economic issues making broad scale deployment possible and investments attractive for the first time. The portfolio includes chipsets, antennas, algorithms, cloud software with AI and reference designs to power the 5G mmWave infrastructure. We support all 5G spectrum ranges including < 6GHz, 24 - 54 GHz and unlicensed 60 GHz from 57 - 71 GHz and applications including infrastructure, ORAN, FWA, smart repeaters and devices. Movandi leads the industry in performance, power efficiency and Movandi powered smart repeaters enhance deployment flexibility while cutting coverage costs and scedules by 50% according to analysts. Go to