medaia GmbH


Introducing the revolutionary SkinScreener - a skin cancer prevention tool developed by the ISO-13485 certified medical device software manufacturer, Medaia. Based in Graz, Austria, Medaia has garnered global recognition for their innovative medical solutions.

As a class IIa medical device according to MDR, SkinScreener is designed to provide accurate and reliable results for skin cancer screening. Whether you're a healthcare professional or an individual concerned about your skin health, SkinScreener is the perfect solution for you.

Available for download on Apple App and Google Play-Store, SkinScreener is incredibly user-friendly and easy to use. And for those who prefer integrating the tool into their existing systems, we offer an API-Version for seamless integration.

Don't miss the opportunity to experience SkinScreener firsthand. Visit our exhibition and see for yourself why Medaia is a leader in medical device software.