KREEMO’s patented FD(Full Dimension) Antenna solutions are offered in the following product lines, aiming identical customer value:
1. D360: Based on Antenna on Display (AoD), optically invisible antenna solution, for smart phone, satellite device, smart interior TV and AR/MR/XR etc.
2. P360: Based on Stackable Patch Antenna (SPA) technology offering complete 360° beamforming coverage for small cells, user equipments (UEs)
3. ADK360: Antenna Development Kit 360° for 5G/SATCOM mmWave applications.
4. R360: An industry first zero-power mmWave RIS offering zero profile and visibility for maximized wireless coverage.
5. M360: A compact probe-based 360° mmWave Antenna Measurement System offering end-to-end mmWave antenna measurement.