Kafein Technology Solutions


As Kafein Technology, we began our journey which locates us as pioneers in the industry, in 2005. We have developed e-commerce and technology projects, and mobile payment systems for the biggest institutions of Turkey and various institutions from other countries. We respond to our national and global partners’ demands in technology, banking, telecommunication, service, retail and insurance industries.

In addition to the key solutions which we offer for the needs of our partners, we also develop technologies in the fields of big data analysis, PDPL, security and mobile applications, while we continue to work on carrying our innovative solutions to the next level by carrying out continuous R&D projects with our global partners and important institutions such as TUBITAK.

Our success comes from acting together with our 700 employees, global customers and business partners and from preserving our innovative vision on service quality. Within this vision, we continue to take firm steps forward in the industry.