INTIN is a digital healthcare company that strives to design, create, and manufacture innovative and interesting products and services for anyone that wants to check and manage their health from anywhere!
We help our customers to easily check, track, and manage their health without the need of going to a medical professional.

Oview W: Ovulation Tester
Oview M/M Pro: Sperm Tester
Oview W is a more hygienic way of tracking ovulation period and menstrual cycle for women.
Oview M/M Pro provides an easy method for men to test and track their sperm motility and count.

Our newly launched Oview Multi: Total respiratory diagnosis and treatment system allows users to easily manage their respiratory health without going to the doctor using one main body and multiple different modules (LED care, Thermometer, Spirometer, Stethoscope, Nose Cleaner & Spray, Nebulizer)

All our products connect to a corresponding APP that tracks usage, shows test results, and provides treatment recommendations.