iAcuity Telco Solutions Pvt. Ltd.


Empowering 5G and Legacy network communication service providers to
a) comply with lawful interception regulations
b) maximise revenue
c) reduce fraud,
d) improve operational efficiency
e) provide secure SD-WAN networks

iAcuity Telco channelizes years of research, innovation and expertise to design domain specific solutions that seamlessly interfaces with network elements, employing advanced techniques of collecting, filtering, curating and analysing data to provide following solutions:

- iLIS: 5G Lawful Interception compatible with legacy VoLTE, 4G, 3G/2G and Broadband)
- iIPLogger: Tracks and provides deep insight into IP Traffic Data
- iSDConnect: SD WAN enabled Secured Connectivity Solution,
- iRoamAssure: Roaming Fraud and Revenue Assurance
- iRevAssure: Ensures minimum revenue leakage across CSP’s LoBs
- iFraudPrevent: Convergent Fraud Management