Foot Analytics, S.L.


iKnos Corporate by Foot Analytics is the workplace analytics platform that is transforming offices into smart spaces, helping facility managers (I) understand how people interact with the workplace, (ii) make better data-driven decisions, and (iii) take powerful actions all in a matter of minutes

By using a combination of real-time data, historical data, and AI/ML, iKnos Corporate is the go-to tool to reimagine and transform the workplace, adding considerable value to a wide range of stakeholders on:

Improving operational efficiency
Enhancing the employee experience
Ensuring workplace safety and security
Guaranteeing compliance and assurance
Optimizing real estate assets
Promoting sustainability

How is this possible? iKnos Corporate capitalizes on a workplace's Wi-Fi infrastructure, using it to capture passive Wi-Fi signals emitted by electronic devices, smartphones, smartwatches, laptops, computers, tablets, among others.

The information contained in these signals is collected, anonymized, and processed by our proprietary algorithms, being converted into powerful and meaningful insights that are based on presence, traceability, and dwell times.