Flytxt is a pioneer in marketing and AI technology; specializing in offering Customer Life-Time Value (CLTV) management solutions for Telecom, Banking and Fintech industries. Our solutions are used by more than 100 enterprises including 75 leading Telecom operators across the world to increase customer lifetime value through increased upsell, cross sell, and retention. The company helps enterprises to deliver comprehensive data-driven digital experiences via its omnichannel CVM solution packaging AI, analytics, and marketing automation. CVM-in-a-box is a tightly packaged cloud solution for smaller enterprises and business units to benefit from AI-driven marketing rapidly. The CVM accelerator solutions provide AI and analytics purpose-built to augment Telcos’ existing customer engagement systems and achieve the desired CVM goals faster. Flytxt is a Dutch company with Corporate Office in UAE and sales presence in Czech Republic, Spain, Mexico, Kenya and Colombia.