Features Analytics SA


Features Analytics provides the industry next-generation AI driven detection of known and emerging market abuse threats in trading in financial instruments (FX, Equities, Derivatives, Commodities, Fixed Income, Digital Assets, ...). It addresses the requirements of regulations like SEC, MAR, MiFID II and beyond.
Features Analytics applies AI principles coming from breakthrough cancer ultrasound detection to measure 'normal' and identify unknown trading abuse that could result in +£100m financial penalties. eyeDES Trading Surveillance platform provides a faster, more targeted and radically better way of identifying financial crime and market abuse.
eyeDES enables financial institutions to monitor for and detect known violations like Insider Trading, Layering, Spoofing, Wash trades, Front running, Marking the close and it also unveils emerging patterns of abuse. It does this without the need to set up fixed windows of time or parameters. Our unique technology triggers high-quality alerts, each with relevant insights and explanations. eyeDES far outweighs the value of competitor products in its approach and results.