EmQu Technologies


It is a transnational company with over ten years of experience providing consultancy services in software development, IT, and telecommunications for business clients and service providers.

The need to digitalize companies is fundamental; however, over the years, businesses have concentrated their efforts on implementing new technologies that do not contribute to the digital transformation of their companies.

At EmQu, we gradually make this digital transformation a reality; through our Flagship softwares QPortal and Mitosys, we automate and orchestrate essential business processes for informed decision-making.

For example, with Mitosys, companies, retailers, or service providers can perform mass deployments across their entire infrastructure to add a new service, configuration changes, remediation functions, or get reports on the status of their business processes.

With QPortal, day-to-day tasks can be automated, achieving significant savings in both financial and human resources, but above all, in the most precious resource that cannot be bought, time.