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Digital Element


Digital Element is the global IP geolocation technology leader. Our IP Intelligence solution, NetAcuity, is deployed by the world's leading ad networks, broadcasters, publishers, analytics providers, cybersecurity companies, fintech organisations and more.

IP geotargeting allows companies to deliver relevant advertising and content in a simple, cost-effective and privacy-sensitive manner - tailored to users' locations at the moment when it's most relevant. As well as identify and act on suspicious connections in real-time.

• Target Online Advertising
• Localise Content
• Enhance Analytics
• Manage Digital Rights
• Enhance Cybersecurity

Digital Element is trusted by some of the world’s leading companies:
BBC, Facebook, Oracle, MediaMath, ITV, LinkedIn, Twitter, Salesforce DMP, eBay, PayPal, Hubspot, InMobi, Crimtan, Discovery Networks to name a few.