Organisations need data-driven solutions to transform, perform & comply in an economy driven by data.

Many organizations have entered massive investment plans to acquire high-priced data scientists & (internal and external) data experts in order to reach the Holy Grail of a 360° view of their customers, suppliers, and human and financial resources.

Most of them are experiencing issues because of the scarcity and/or poor quality of the existing data, and the lack of efficient governance and reporting. dFakto wants to help customers overcome these issues by proposing data-driven business platforms, and by combining advanced reporting, data analytics and agile steering in order to manage a simple to complex portfolio of assets (initiatives, projects, programs, etc.).

dFakto simultaneously matches different Gartner magic quadrants: Business Analytics services, Data Analytics solutions, Strategy Execution Management Software (SEMS) & data Governance.

We offer data-driven governance solutions to leverage maximal business value, for today and for tomorrow.