Cloudics is an innovative cloud-based management and payment platform for energy stations, car washes, stores and EV charging. The platform has been created for faster, more convenient and eco-friendly management of customers, payments and business processes.

It is a revolutionary management solution for energy stations. Manage your station through a cloud-based FCC, minimise on-site service costs, and lower regular software fees.

Cloudics also takes care of charging infrastructure. You can monitor and manage the system – from individual charging stations to log data to your customers' information.

Cloud-based platform helps car wash operators make more money, clean more cars, and ensure a consistent convoy of happy customers. Virtualise your tokens into the app, saving costs for metal tokens and losses.

We offer frictionless shopping through an innovative cloud-based platform, which enables companies to turn any store into a self-service, offering a frictionless shopping experience and improving resources management and customers' shopping experience.