C2RO™ is a leading global provider of GDPR-Compliant AI-SaaS Video Analysis of the human behaviour in the physical space. Our proprietary edge-cloud AI and computer vision technologies are uniquely architected to use existing security cameras to deliver industry-leading flexibility, scalability, and accuracy while being fully compliant with the most restrictive data privacy regulations, including the EU’s GDPR.

C2RO ENTERA™ is a hyper-scalable AI-SaaS, GDPR-Compliant Video Analytics platform that transforms human behavior in the physical space into actionable data and real-time business intelligence. ENTERA™ is all about what, where, where, when, why, but never who. It provides comprehensive, accurate, and 100% FACELESS journey insights, detailed socio-demographic breakdowns, and full-conversion funnel analysis and delivers seamless scalability across thousands of locations around the globe, at an ultra-low cost, with up to 20X savings on Edge investments. ENTERA™ enables data-driven decision-making and improves the quality of service, customer experience, and safety by detecting inefficiencies and bottlenecks impacting the ROI.