Athens CCI - THEA Incubator


The Athens Startup Business Incubator/Accelerator (Th.E.A.) is one of the most important initiatives of the Athens Chamber of Commerce and Industry for entrepreneurship promotion. Th.E.A.’s mission, is to support the start-up ecosystem by facilitating innovative startups or scaleups with a strong extroversion potential to be developed. Th.E.A. provides the following sets of services to hosted business teams:
1. Hosting services in modern facilities,
2. Counselling and advisory services in a wide spectrum of areas, such as market analysis, legal and accounting, budget planning and investments, business plan development, human resources, etc.
3. Education & training
4. Networking activities
5. Coordination and internal audit of business development milestones.
The participating startups/scaleups are further supported with the additional advantage of being mentored by experienced individuals and entrepreneurs, in order to improve their sustainability. Th.E.A.‘s aim is to provide a safer environment for start-ups/scale-ups to be evolved. Th.E.A. also aims at improving entrepreneurship, through innovation, extroversion and the use of new technologies.