ArrayComm is a leading vendor of 5G+AI solutions and O-RAN 5G base station solutions, dedicated to the wireless communications industry since 1992.
ArrayComm’s product portfolio starts with an End-to-End RAN system, which includes the baseband units, radio units, and fronthaul gateways, together with L1 PHY and L2/L3 protocol stacks. ArrayComm also provides a lightweight 5G core network and commercial terminals such as CPE for private networks with industry partners. ArrayComm combines 5G and AI, using a shared pool of computing power to deeply integrate 5G communication systems with AI applications, and provides enterprise users with reliable, versatile edge computing solutions with both network and computing capabilities.
With over three decades of experience in the industry, ArrayComm has accumulated rich experiences in product development and system integration to ensure product reliability. ArrayComm strongly supports openness, actively invests in the O-RAN ecosystem, builds products with open interfaces, and accelerates the development of 5G+AI systems together with various industry partners.