AR-Watches by X-TECH

AR-Watches by X-TECH


AR-Watches / NFT Watches for AR, VR, Metaverse

AR-Watches is a next-generation e-commerce platform that provides an opportunity to have a virtual try-on high-end watch on the wrist before making a purchase decision.
The era of flat-screen view e-commerce is over, so we aim to make online shopping for watches to the next level where the lack of physical presence is no longer an issue.

We have created our own propertied technology that gives an opportunity to scan the wrist and to see the 3D model of the watches right on hand.

In addition, we have an imaginative collection of watches that are NFTs and could be worn in AR in any Metaverse, in the future on avatars' hands as well.
We believe in a digitalized future with large-scale transformations across multiple aspects of our daily life, providing people unparalleled opportunities to generate, use and interact with digital information.