Apexar Technologies S.A.


We're an Argentine company, launching our subsidiary in Barcelona, dedicated to high-tech electronic products development. We act as a technology partner providing solutions to several companies in different markets and, also we manufacture our own equipment always with a distinctive innovation.
We offer a complete service of design, development, manufacturing, cloud and support in electronics and IT. We're characterized by being the only contact with our client from the concept to the different stages of the product lifecycle. With 20 years of presence in the market and specialization achieved, we provide reliability in manufacturing processes and continuous improvement as well as international quality certifications.
We have our own electronic components automated assembly line to solve logistical problems and to provide a better service to the companies that trust on us.
We own two business units: general electronics and medical devices.The medical devices business unit Biotrend was created to develop the company's own product line to reach international markets.