Anagog – Edge-AI Customer Engagement and Enrichment Platform

Anagog is the world’s first On-phone Customer Engagement & Enrichment Platform.

Being the first marketing platform that's powered by Edge-AI, working from within the phone without dependency on cloud processing,
Anagog helps mobile app owners truly meet and exceed their customers’ expectations for relevant personalized experiences in real-time, while (finally) meeting the demand for privacy.

Anagog’s patented award-winning technology enables companies to understand their users from outside of their app and extract hundreds of 1st party insights using the phone’s OS and sensors. In addition, companies can finally deliver personalization while solving privacy completely as personal data is processed on the phone. Lastly,

Anagog enables marketers to offer a differentiated, multi-channel personalized engagement, in real-time, including Push Notifications, In-App Messages, App Inbox and more, and to better learn their audience via powerful anonymized audience analytics and actionable insights.