Ambient Scientific Inc.


Ambient Scientific is Silicon Valley deep tech fabless semiconductor startup at emerging/ growth stage. We have developed combination of breakthrough software and hardware technologies that enable AI in very small devices powered by commonly available small batteries. Applications of our groundbreaking technologies are boundless including intelligent IoT, AlwaysOn Voice, AlwaysOn AI camera and sensor fusions.  Such applications encompass consumer, sports, healthcare, audio, camera, predictive maintenance, smart shoes, energy monitoring, fire and smoke detection, heart attack prediction, assault detection and warning, fall detection, robotics industrial automation etc. The list is very long. This is a huge market of OnDeive Edge AI with Billions small devices waiting to adopt AI capabilities. Many big companies including types of Qualcomm and Intel have been trying to achieve such capabilities for years but have not yet succeeded. This is because of very high technical barrier to achieve AI with tiny power consumption. Ambient team has overcome these technical barriers.