[email protected] is an H2020 European project developing a connect-compute platform – specifically leveraging the serverless paradigm – for creating and managing resilient, elastic, and secure end-to-end slices.
The [email protected] project focuses on six main breakthroughs:
AI/ML for closed loop automation;
Privacy preserving, machine learning for multi-stakeholder environments;
Distributed and decentralized connect-compute platform;
Provisioning of AI-enabled applications;
Hardware-accelerated serverless platform for AI/ML;
Cross-layer, multi-connectivity and disaggregated radio access.
The [email protected] platform are being validated using 4 use cases with specific requirements that cannot be satisfied by current 5G networks according to the 3GPP Rel15 and 3GPP R16 standards, in particular in terms of support for latency-sensitive and highly dynamic AI-enabled applications.