360Mobile & Closer Fulfillment is a logistic operator and wholesaler specialized in the distribution, ecommerce businness (cell phone devices, accessories & IoT) and related services.

The great competitive advantage is our team, passionate and experienced professionals with over 15 years within the Telecommunications industry, who contribute with their knowledge and value to business.

Flexible dynamic, agile and transparent approach to simplify daily business processes of our clients.

Know-How from our background in multinational companies implementing procedures that ensure the strength and reliability of our operations without sacrificing performance.

Commitment to continuous improvement and innovation delivering excellence in customer service.

To build competitiveness advantages in long-term we are focused on the development of intangible assets, which protect business and create a different way of doing things.

High innovate capacity and customize 360º SOLUTIONS through our services to stands out performance in B2B & B2C.