Switzerland Global Enterprise

Working on behalf of the Swiss Confederation, S-GE is helping Swiss companies to identify and develop new international business. Visit the innovative Swiss companies at our two SWISS Pavilions: www.gms-worldwide.com, www.hubersuhner.com, www.buyogo.com, www.pxl-vision.com, www.ketl.ch, www.aictx.ai, www.rikschataxi.ch, www.brain-it.ch, www.typewise.app, www.shiftcrypto.ch, www.jeluida.com, www.creal3d.com, www.akenza.com SWISS NIGHT @ MWC2020: Meet our Co-Exhibitors and the official Swiss delegation in the oldest yacht club from Spain at REAL CLUB NAUTICO DE BARCELONA with a spectacular panorama view to the city and enjoy our cocktail night. Date 25 Feb 2020, 20.00-23.00, please register by Email and/or order a package "[email protected] at [email protected]

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