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PaynoPain is a fintech company dedicated to technological research and development with the mission of creating applications that provide simple and innovative solutions to everyday problems.

Our team are experts in developing innovative and secure online payment solutions, such as our payment gateway Paylands or CHANGEiT e-wallet technology: a global, multiplatform, multi-currency and in-house brand tool that boosts financial inclusion. Currently CHANGEiT is being implemented through different projects in Las Bahamas, Jamaica, Dominican Republic and Brazil, among others.

At MWC19 we will be presenting the CHANGEiT technology under the PAGASÍ brand together with our partner TAS Iberia.

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PAGASÍ offers the features to become the perfect and simplest bankization tool in the least-banked countries. Imagine what a change it would be if opening a bank account and getting a credit card was as simple as downloading an app that could be used to make transfers, withdraw money from ATMs or shop in stores. GLOBAL: it’s an autonomous solution that doesn’t require an specific infrastructure. VIRAL: Any customer can use it anywhere, both in fixed networks and mobile networks. No bank account is required. SECURE: its system’s subject to double authentication. It doesn’t store sensitive data on the mobile device. Each transaction requires entering the user's personal PIN. MULTI PLATFORM: available for most platforms, including Android, iOS, Web App, J2ME, REST and SOAP. MULTIDIVISA: operates with all convertible foreign currencies. Also, on a national basis, with non-convertible currencies. WHITE-LABEL: it can work under its own brand or under the client's brand.


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