2019 Exhibitors

LetinAR Co., Ltd.



LetinAR develops an optical system for AR smart glasses, which plays the same role as smartphone displays. The optical system consists of LetinAR’s self-developed “Pin Mirror (“PinMR™”) lens” and a microdisplay made by external partners.

With LetinAR PinMR™ lens, smart glasses manufacturers can build smart glasses worn like a pair of conventional glasses. The simple structure of PinMR™ Lens module can facilitate mass production. PinMR™ Lens shows wider virtual screen than the currently available optical systems while more accurately expressing colors.

LetinAR will begin providing PinMR™ Lens samples next year, making it possible for smart glasses manufacturers to evaluate the potential of using PinMR™ lens for their own products.

Contact Details

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PinMR™ Lens Demo for Maximum FoV

With LetinAR 8K (4K per each eye) AR solution, more immersive AR experience can be realized. The solution can express up to 120 degrees of Field of View (FoV) diagonally which covers most of the human vision.

PinMR™ Lens Demo for Smartglasses

LetinAR will introduce its first working wearable smartglasses prototype. Visitors will be able to try "Truly Wearable" Smartglasses. LetinAR PinMR™ smart glasses shows a clear image without inducing dizziness while more accurately expressing colors – an edge over diffraction-based or refraction-based smart glasses from competitors. As smart glasses are considered to be a candidate for future daily-life tech gadgets, LetinAR will demonstrate how AR will change people’s daily lives. For example, LetinAR smart glasses tethered with smartphones demonstrates navigation, recipes, and other use cases.

Fraunhofer FEP-LetinAR Ultra Low Power AR Optical Solution Demo

Fraunhofer FEP and LetinAR will present together with the future of AR eyewear technology by their first joint demonstrator of the PinMR™ lens sets with an ultra-low-power OLED microdisplay. Dr. Uwe Vogel, Divison Director Microdisplays and Sensors at Fraunhofer FEP explains the advantages: “We are very pleased to introduce the world´s first demonstrator with the promising PinMR™ optics lens set of LetinAR together with our ultra-low power microdisplays at MWC in Barcelona. The co-operation shows what our know-how in combination with the latest technology of LetinAR's optical specialists can bring about. This fusion of technologies will hopefully soon lead to extremely small, lightweight and electro-optically efficient devices for data glasses and other wearables, enabling significantly improved battery life and reduced recharge cycles, thus always-on capability such as today’s smartphones, which they can wirelessly connect to."

PinMR™ Lens Lineup

LetinAR has applied the so-called “Pinhole Effect” to tiny mirrors and embedded them with eyeglass lenses. Respective PinMR™ reflects the light from a microdisplay and guides the light into human pupils. Users may view the virtual image from the microdisplay as well as the image from the real world at ease. Human eyes cannot detect the mirrors, which are smaller than pupils. Only the virtual image formed by the light reflected by those mirrors is visible. With LetinAR PinMR™ Lens, smart glasses manufacturers can build smart glasses that resemble conventional glasses.

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