Around is a social network committed to connecting people, and bridging the blurred line separating the digital and physical world. We aim to brighten people’s lives by renewing the way we engage with the world Around us.

SICURTHEM is an R + D + i company that develops products, solutions and services, applying Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Machine Learning and Data Science techniques to the information existing in public sources, shared by themselves in Social Networks, Communities and other publicly accessible places, to obtain real-time accurate data on activities, feelings and other personal aspects, and develops patterns and profiles that help in the knowledge of people, and allow the prediction of behaviors and decision making based on objective data.
SICURTHEM solutions apply both in private and public companies: Head Hunting, Human Resources, Cybersecurity, Prevention of Bullying-Mobbing-Gender Violence.

SolEM provides high performing positive electrode materials for batteries in electric vehicles.

We are a company that designs and builds IoT idea products.

The Catalan Institute for Cultural Companies is a public institution of the Government of Catalonia’s Ministry of Culture that looks after the development and the consolidation of the Catalan creative sectors. ICEC supports Catalan companies in their development process in several sectors such as music, performing arts, visual arts, audiovisual, books and digital culture.
Catalan Arts – Startups is its brand for the international promotion of Catalan cultural startups. Via ICEC’s European offices network (Barcelona, Berlin, Brussels, London and Paris) we work on a variety of lines of action to connect, mentor and support creative companies in their international journey.

MRESENCE is all about making it feasible to have real-time interactions among people who are geographically dispersed with the added advantage of Presence in MixedReality (See What I See & Touch What I Touch) for greater clarity, efficacy and efficiency in interaction of all operations involving people who are unable to be present together or be in one same physical space due to
barriers of time, cost, politics, culture, religion etc.


PizzzAR is cloud-based platform for building & running AR/360VR/MR-enabled advertisement & promotion campaigns, Presentation:

PPIXXELLS is a central & curated repository of stunning images. Presentation:

W5Go is a Social Project by Ecocarrier Inc. where we develop AR-enabled, Interactive, Fun Learning Educational Apps and Games for preschoolers and kindergarten children. All our apps are compatible with iOS and Android devices and helping Kids to learn something valuable through an effective use of Technology, and only with minimal supervision of their Parents & Teachers.

W5Go offers the very young (3-7 years) fun, entertaining, informative apps and games to play and to learn. Raise the digital consciousness of the children.

RoGoCoder is series of games designed for children to learn computer coding/programming


Ecocarrier is a Canadian private Ontario corporation. Ecocarrier Digital Division designs, develops, produces and supports cloud-based managed mobile digital services in worldwide markets including AR/VR/MR-enabled apps, games and song-with-videos.

Ecocarrier currently has business presence in various countries including Spain, Morocco, Kenya, Burkina Faso, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Morocco, UAE, India, Mexico for our mobile digital services.

Ecocarrier’s Social Edification Projects are for development of technology as cloud-based managed services to engender social good relative to 3 tenets, namely

* raising the digital consciousness of general population.
* contributing to meeting the UN-SDGs.
* building kinder, more equitable, more enlightened society.


“ToryComics” is a mobile Webtoon & digital comics application operated by ToryWorks Co., Ltd since 2017. It’s unique crowdsourcing multi-language user translation system accelerated expansion of digital comics(webtoon) market. Extensive volumes of original digital comics are translated into 12 different languages and serviced in 141 countries including United States, Indonesia, Turkey, Russia, Thailand and Vietnam. As a global digital comics platform, ToryComics will continue to grow for comics fans all over the world.
Now on series A funding stage with 150 users in 140 countries.

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