Digital Promotion Opportunities

Enhance Your Presence

Mobile World Congress provides the optimal time to put your business on the map and tell your story to a rich source of valuable prospects. Maximise your exhibition investment and increase your visibility through our off-the-shelf promotional opportunities.

Official Mobile World Congress Print Media

Reach the 100,000+ MWC attendees directly through the official event print media channels.

Mobile World Daily is personally handed to attendees as they arrive each day, as well as placed at key points around the venue including VIP areas and lounges. The digital version is sent to all attendees every day of the event.

Digital Commerce Print Media

Mobile World Daily Exhibitor News (1 day only)


Select one day during the event to communicate your message in an editorial-looking content.


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Mobile World Daily Exhibitor News (All 4 days)


Communicate your message in an editorial-looking content during all four days of the event.


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The Exhibition Catalogue is the main reference for attendees during the event. Not only is it used to plan their journey through the exhibition halls, but attendees also use it afterwards as an industry reference guide throughout the year.

Exhibition Catalogue Logo


Add a colour logo to your exhibition listing to stand out from the crowd and increase your visibility.

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Official Mobile World Congress Digital Channels

Increase your visibility through the widespread reach of our event digital channels. is the main channel for all event information before, during and after the event and provides the maximum number of impressions to the broader mobile ecosystem.

My MWC Event App is the primary tool used by attendees to plan their time onsite and network with other attendees throughout the year.

Digital Commerce Digital Media Opps

Digital Logo

Add a colour logo to your exhibition profile to display on the website exhibitor list.

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Enhanced Exhibitor List

Maximise the amount of information provided to your business prospects through increased branding, mapping, product information and networking functionality.


  • Company logo on website and app with your corporate profile and listing
  • Company logo on the map of the app
  • Favourite and note taking capabilities
  • Network with your clients and receive messages
  • Showcase up to four products with images and descriptions
  • Post whitepapers, presentations, or video to download section
  • Profile / Description (100 words)
  • Include company contact detail
  • Include company social media links in exhibitor profile
  • Include your logo in exhibitor search results
  • Link your stands directly to the venue map

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Rotating Logo

Rotating Logo
Jump to the maximum level of visibility with all elements of Level 1 in addition to high visibility click-thru logo banners displaying directly on the Home Page of the event website, as well as the Landing Page of the My MWC Event App and Digital Signage throughout the venue.


  • MWC website Home Page in 20 second rotation with click-thru to your designated URL
  • Mobile App Landing page with click-thru to your designated URL
  • Digital Signage Home Scree in 20 second rotation time with click-thru to your location on the digital signage map
  • Detail reports provided after the event

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