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FinTech belongs at the heart of the world's largest connectivity event. Connect with the most influential names in the sector at #MWC23 and learn the true value of connectivity.

*The future of finance starts at #MWC23*

The future of finance starts at #MWC23

Mobile is the new Bank. The total value of payments made using mobile devices amounted to $503 billion in 2020. And now as we move to a fully connected society, the need for seamless payment integration and robust digital identity security to access the connected world is critical.

We gather senior leaders from MNOs, hardware and software manufacturers, brands and government officials from across the world who are actively looking for fintech solutions to streamline B2B and B2C processes, combat digital fraud and reduce the barriers to entering the metaverse.

The global fintech market is forecast to reach $190 billion by 2026 - we think, together with the connectivity market, it will grow even larger.

Are you a FinTech Innovator?

Financial technology is successfully competing with traditional financial methods to deliver better services. Whether you’re an established fintech company, or an ambitious startup – exhibiting here can help you connect with industry leaders and grow your business.

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Explore the latest Fintech work from our GSMA experts and global partners as we support the vertical to address key challenges, leverage opportunities and discover new solutions and trends.

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This is the place for fintech innovators to showcase your vision and ambition to industry leaders and advance the union of financial services and information technology – as well as your business. Join us as we reconnect, reimagine, and reinvent.

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