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Caixin Global

Built on Caixin Media’s award winning journalism, Caixin Global delivers fast, reliable business and financial news about China and Asia. It offers its English language news via a 24/7 digital platform (, and runs a print magazine.

Through cooperation with a leading financial services platform — Caixin Insight — Caixin Global also provides policy analysis, industry monitoring, financial database services and more in-depth research and consulting services on China's economic policymaking and its financial markets. For more information, please visit

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Capacity Media

Published bi-monthly online and digitally, with over 15,000+ subscribers in 158+ countries worldwide, Capacity reports on the critical business issues that wholesale carriers face in this rapidly-changing telecoms market. Capacity is the essential source of business intelligence for the global carrier and ICT infrastructure industries through its magazine and portfolio of online news, special reports, webinars, whitepapers, reports, and global directory.

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Since 1995, Grupo Convergencia is the leading company in the provision of information on the telecommunications business in Latin America and the Caribbean. Grupo Convergencia is recognized and respected for the independence and rigor of its analyzes, publications and research in the Information and Communication Technologies sector in Latin America.

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Digital TV Europe

Digital TV Europe’s sixth annual survey provides a unique snapshot of industry insiders’ views on the key issues and trends facing the digital video business in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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IoT Now

The first global media brand of its kind, IoT Now explores the evolving opportunities and challenges facing enterprises in the adoption and deployment of IoT, and we pass on some lessons learned from those who have taken the first steps in next gen IoT services. With volumes of IoT connections well into the billions, this trillion dollar market is maturing rapidly as enterprises, governments and the technology industry collaborate to create smarter, digital offerings that have the power to transform how we all live, work and play.

IoT Now has reported on this rapid development since its inception as M2M Now a decade ago and our team of editors, writers, analysts and industry experts provide their comprehensive insights online and in print.

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Jumpstart Media

Based in Hong Kong, Jumpstart is a media house and innovation enabler geared towards the startup ecosystem in the Asia Pacific region. Jumpstart delivers the latest news, fresh insights, and perspectives from industry experts through its print and digital avenues, with the mission of making innovation matter. Our coverage spans trending developments in technology and innovation across a spectrum of sectors, and sheds light on startups and founder stories for readers from across the globe. Jumpstart’s online and offline presence ensures media coverage across multiple platforms to garner maximum interest and readership. Our print magazine is the largest English print publication in the Asia Pacific, available at over 1500 locations across 11 countries in the region including Singapore, Philippines, Australia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, and Japan. With over 30,000 readers in Hong Kong alone, Jumpstart’s reader-base includes entrepreneurs, corporates, startups, investors, C-suite executives, and professionals.

Over the years, Jumpstart has transformed itself into a startup ecosystem builder that supports and connects the entrepreneurial ecosystem in the Asia Pacific region. From providing resources, support, and education to startup founders, industry leaders, and creative game-changers, to bringing together budding startups and corporates to facilitate collaboration, Jumpstart acts as the connective tissue between founders, investors, experts, enablers, corporates and stakeholders within the region’s innovation landscape. Jumpstart also provides a comprehensive suite of services to nurture the entrepreneurial space, such as its founder education portal Jumpstart Academy, its dynamic innovation ecommerce platform Jumpstart Edge, and other programs. See more at

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Mediaplanet delivers best-in-class content marketing campaigns for more than 8,000 clients around the globe. We make branding easy for our clients by taking care of the entire value chain – from concept to production and distribution, and by collaborating with top influencers and world-renowned media houses. Each year, we develop and produce 900 themed campaigns in 11 languages within our key content verticals: health, lifestyle, technology, business and cause.

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Microwave Journal

Microwave Journal provides leading-edge technical content for RF, microwave and wireless engineers worldwide. MWJ delivers the latest news, events, webinars, whitepapers, videos and newsletters to RF/microwave professionals. Microwave Journal is THE resource for engineers who are developing infrastructure for the next-generation of wireless and defense technologies.

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Mobile Business

MOBILE BUSINESS is the great trend magazine for business decision makers and employees who consider ‘mobile working‘ as productivity gain for colleagues and prospective company success. The magazine reports on the effective use of mobile solutions in the business field. It adresses investment decision makers for mobile solutions, among company manager, department manager as well as sales and distribution manager.

MOBILE BUSINESS is modern, very practical oriented and provides a competent consulting and decision basis for the mobile management – including reports about trends, market developments, innovations and products.

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Mobile Magazine

Mobile Magazine is a ‘Digital Community’ for the telecoms and mobile communication industry that connects the world’s largest telco brands and their most senior executives with the latest trends as the telco industry pivots towards technology and digital transformation.
Mobile Magazine is a 'trusted authority' on the latest telecoms news combining ‘Executive Thought Leadership Interviews’ with the very latest case studies on Mobile Operators, Media & Entertainment, Connectivity, 5G, IoT and Wireless Networks. The focus of Mobile World Magazine’s ‘Digital Community’ is to provide our users with the ‘Ultimate Digital Experience’ - an incredible digital magazine, a world-class website, an award-winning newsletter service as well as video reports, podcasts, blogs, webinars, white papers, research reports, virtual events and a database second to none.

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PhoneWorld Magazine is a premium news and analysis website for Pakistan mobile Eco-system that focuses on the burning issues of the industry related to Policy, Regulations, Operators, Distribution, Application Development, Devices and Academia. So, what can you expect? Through our website, social media and print magazine we strive to provide an enlightening, entertaining and outspoken perspective regarding the ongoing progress in the industry.

We provide daily updates, comprehensive analysis and expert commentary across a wide range of topics, including Digital Transformation, 5G, Broadband, AI, IoT, technology startups, government policies, VR/AR and much more. Our fair and unbiased investigation of the latest industry trends is accompanied by regular in-depth articles, exclusive interviews, and opinion pieces.

Our basic aim is to bridge the gap between industry stakeholders by providing them a unified platform to discuss and nurture new ideas that are imperative for Digital Pakistan. Mobile technology has the power to connect people together for collective progress and socioeconomic development of the country and we are proud to perform our share of work through Phone World Magazine.

The heart of Phoneworld has always been the biannual print magazine with more than 75000 copies sold of every issue. But that does not mean that we are behind in the digital world. Phoneworld attracts over 1.8 million monthly page views on its official website and more than 1.3 million monthly users on various social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. Phoneworld is the first and the only news website that has presence in all three major media i-e print, digital and video.

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The Record

Visit for up-to-date news and articles about Microsoft technology for enterprise businesses, a comprehensive directory of Microsoft partners that provide solutions for enterprise businesses, and to find out more about our printed publications.

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Telecom Review

Telecom Review was founded in 2005 and is today the leading global ICT media platform. With its different editions that cover all the industry’s updates in the Middle East, Asia Pacific, Africa and North America, Telecom Review has gained a stellar reputation for guaranteeing quality content, offering reliable information and addressing the most trending topics. Telecom Review has always been a pioneer in the ICT media industry by launching e-newsletters, digital flipping magazines and most recently, organizing virtual panels and webinars.

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Teletimes International

Teletimes International, a premier business publication focused towards the Telecom, Satellite and ICT sectors of the Middle East, Asia and Africa, proactively leverages knowledge and insights from executives and decision makers. In its 16th year of publication, Teletimes is a media partner to almost all major events and conferences in the region.

To date, Teletimes has over 100 printed editions and approximately 50 special editions and reports.

Envisioning a scholarly publication, Teletimes actively participates in high profile industry events, seminars, conferences and exhibitions throughout the year to ensure it provides the latest research, analyses and developments of the industry to its readers.

Teletimes’ vast geographical presence and corporate-wide penetration can serve as an exceptional resource for attaining targeted projection and publicity before corporate sectors.

Teletimes proactively leverages knowledge and insights from executives and decision makers, who know telecommunications to achieve a qualitative edge by capitalizing on the age-old need for information. Teletimes is actively providing information and news in real-time through its website and e-newsletters.

As the only industry publication of this reach and coverage, Teletimes creates a very interesting read for every person in the telecommunications, satellite and ICT industry. For further information, please contact [email protected] or visit

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TIME is a global media brand that reaches a combined audience of +90M around the world. A trusted destination for reporting and insight, TIME’s mission is to tell the stories that matter most, to lead conversations that change the world and to deepen understanding of the ideas and events that define our time. With unparalleled access to the world’s most influential people, the immeasurable trust of consumers globally, an unrivaled power to convene, TIME is one of the world’s most recognizable media brands with renowned franchises that include the TIME100 Most Influential People, Person of the Year, Firsts, Best Inventions, World’s Greatest Places and premium events including the TIME100 Summit and Gala, TIME100 Health Summit, TIME100 Next and more.

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Vanilla Plus

VanillaPlus is uniquely positioned to report on major technological changes impacting the communications market and the effects of the pandemic. Today, we buy our communications services from utilities, internet service providers, digital service providers, mobile broadband network operators, virtual network operators, and even supermarkets. Add to this the interest shown by Google, Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft and others and the picture becomes even more complex.

The services now incorporate entertainment and information as well as plain old vanilla, voice communications. This places enormous pressure on communications service providers (CSPs) to take your order efficiently, deliver it quickly and maintain it cost-effectively. There's now added complexity in additional and adjacent services that have entered the CSP portfolio and the complex web inter-related partnerships and collaborations service delivery now involves.

As the global voice of telecoms IT, the increased focus on software and automation is directly in our coverage area so, who better to act as your guide and reference source than the VanillaPlus editors, writers, analysts and industry experts who have been predicting and reporting these changes since the magazine’s launch in 1999?

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