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Creative Technology

As the pandemic changed the creation and consumption of entertainment, MWC Barcelona explores the evolution of streaming as consumers abandon traditional entertainment sources.

*Creative Technology*

Redefining entertainment with Creative Technology

Technology plays a key role, not only in the consumption and distribution of creative arts, but increasingly, in its creation as well.

During the pandemic, streaming platforms quickly flooded the market, with greater selection than ever before.

We explore the importance of Creative Technology, look at how streaming services are targeting specific audiences and discuss if this fragmentation is in the customer’s best interest.

Investigating the gaming experience in Indonesia

Our report examines latency issues in Indonesia to see where and why players are most likely to have smoother gameplay, with less lag.


Telcos and Big Tech Companies

We have seen a string of Telco related acquisitions by big tech companies. Could this point to the telecoms industry being swallowed up by big tech?

Read this report by Mobilise who will be at MWC Barcelona 2021

Read the Report here

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