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Connected Industry

Connected Industry at MWC Barcelona examines the challenges, opportunities, scalability and limitless potential of Industrial IoT and Digital Transformation.

*Connected Industry*

The importance of Connected Industry

Through faster speeds and stronger connections, 5G has become a catalyst for next generation IoT services. Enabling networks to extend securely to remote locations means technology is solving pain points for many industries such as FinTech, Manufacturing, and Health, among others.

Intelligent connectivity will continue to play a transformational role across these industries, but with markets adapting to the global health crisis, how can mobile develop its solutions and business propositions to ensure it remains a key partner for the long term?

Transformative IoT

This IoT WebTalk examines how IoT solutions can increase productivity, reduce costs and transform industries to form the basis of a more sustainable and productive world.


    IoT at MWC Barcelona

    MWC Barcelona is where technology leaders gather to be part of the Internet revolution. Get a feel for the event in this film.

    Monetising the 5G Opportunity

    After years of build-up and growing anticipation, the first consumer services based on 5G were finally launched around the world during 2019.

    These launches have made one thing clear – telcos need to think differently about 5G services by ditching the traditional mindset around pricing and come up with more innovative ways of monetising their services.

    Read this report by Cerillion who will be at MWC Barcelona 2021

    Read the report here

    Guide to European Cellular Technology & Trends

    GSMA Intelligence forecasts that IoT connections will reach almost 25 billion globally by 2025.

    As the complexity of achieving customer’s IoT goals ever increase with new use cases such as smart cities, connected health and more – we now enter an age of IoT sophistication.

    Read this report by KORE who will be at MWC Barcelona 2021

    Read the Report here

    5G is the New Reality

    As of August 2020 there are 92 Live 5G Networks in 38 Countries. Telcos around the world are quickly moving towards Open RAN for their 5G deployments.

    Read this infographic by NEC who will be at MWC Barcelona 2021

    Read the infographic here

    Evolution of Optical Fiber

    Over 5 billion km of fiber have been deployed - that enough to travel to the sun and back 33 times!

    This infographic is created by Corning who will be at MWC Barcelona 2021

    See the infographic here

    KORE are excited to be attending MWC Barcelona in 2021 to discuss our latest technologies that address the sophistication of IoT - bringing simplicity and flexibility to the fast-changing world of IoT. This vibrant event is an excellent opportunity to network with fellow experts and meet our partners and customers in one place.


    Verticals at MWC Barcelona connecting the ecosystem

    In an ever-changing world, it takes flexibility and adaptability to shape the future. Join us as we showcase how the entire mobile ecosystem can transform our lives.

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