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The world is changing at unprecedented speed, the entire mobile ecosystem must seize this moment to be a force for change – to make a connected impact.

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From creative technology to AI to future society, we will be showcasing how connectivity is transforming the planet. Join us at MWC21 as we dive deep to unpick the challenges and the opportunities at the pulse of our industry.


As COVID-19 pushes network resilience to its limit, its value to society has never been greater. 2020 was to be the year of 5G but faced with social and financial uncertainty, the spotlight has also fallen on legacy technologies to deliver life’s ‘new normal’. Telco infrastructure is proving to be agile, and the partnerships between cloud and network leaders could be seen as a sign that network providers are proactively looking to shift to a hybrid model to meet changing demands. COVID-19 has become a key protagonist for change, but who will the real winners be in a hybrid-5G world?

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Connected Industry

Through faster speeds and stronger connections, 5G has become a catalyst for next generation IoT services. Enabling networks to extend securely to remote locations means technology is solving pain points for many industries such as FinTech, Manufacturing, and Health, among others. Intelligent connectivity will continue to play a transformational role across these industries for many years but with the markets adapting to the global health crisis, how can mobile develop its solutions and business propositions to ensure mobile is a key partner for the long term?


Artificial intelligence delivers value not only for network capacity planning, but to nearly every other aspect of business and industry. A recent report by Accenture showed that 84% of C-suite executives believe they must leverage AI to achieve their growth objectives, with three out of four C-suite executives believing that if they don’t scale AI in the next five years, they risk going out of business entirely. With stakes higher than ever AI investment is set to top £170 Billion by 2025, according to KPMG. With AI integrated into networks, business, and services, where should investment be prioritised?

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Customer Experience

The customer journey needs to be simple, tailored and engaging. The digital battleground, open to all brands and products, can become a muddled space from which it is difficult to stand out. Customer insights are key to creating a message, campaigns and promotions in accordance to the target buyer. Personalisation and seamless experiences are the product of intelligence gathered from mobile and digital technologies, a focus which this theme will discuss across industries. With such a crowded digital market, how can brands continue to innovate and personalise?

Creative Technology

Technology plays a key role not only in the consumption and distribution of creative arts, but increasingly, in its creation as well.
Streaming platforms are quickly flooding the market, with greater selection than ever before. The recent lockdowns across the globe have put an even greater onus on these services to deliver content to people’s living rooms. Streaming services targeting youth, or even mobile-only platforms have all been launched over the last 12 months. Is this fragmentation in the customers’ and industry’s best interest?

Future Society

As the COVID-19 pandemic put society on an unexpected pause, the importance of strong, ethical and fact-based leadership became more apparent than ever. Technology and connectivity played a crucial role in bridging the gap between those leading and their stakeholders, whether at an enterprise or national level. With some lessons learnt, what role will tech play in the post-lockdown world? Can we get rid of some “bad” habits as a society and make this an opportunity to drive positive and socially effective policies alongside technology for all?

Startup Innovation

In times of uncertainty, it’s innovation that safeguards a company for future success. Join us at 4YFN, the start-up business platform of MWC where industry leaders, founders, funders and experts share their vision and latest developments in cutting edge technology. See how corporates and start-ups bring to light the best practices in order to successfully collaborate with each other and discover how new tech will influence humanity and society in the future and four years from now.

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