BREEZThe convenient way to register for MWC

Learn about how we’re making registration faster, safer and altogether more convenient

BreezThe convenient way to register for MWC

During these exceptional times, we’re going above and beyond to maintain a safe and controlled environment at the venue and all across the city. So, this year, all MWC22 attendees must register online before arriving at the venue.

For a faster and more convenient way to register and check your ID instantly, we’re offering BREEZ, our online facial recognition technology, which also enhances your onsite experience with touch-free access.

This technology is delivered in partnership with ScanViS, a company wholly owned by Comba Telecom.

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Get fast-track service with BREEZ

When you choose BREEZ, attendees can experience a totally touchless visit with ultimate peace of mind. Here are some more benefits of enrolling with this technology.

It’s easy to enrol in BREEZ

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*Prefer to wait with our Manual ID check? *

Prefer to wait with our Manual ID check?

You can also opt for our standard service. This means your ID and photo will be checked and finalised (subject to approval) by an agent.

Please bear in mind, this service depends on volumes and can take multiple days but we will endeavor to complete your ID check ASAP.

For instant approval, sign up to our Automatic ID Check above.

Everything you need to know about BREEZ

Read all about how we use technology to make it easier, safer and more convenient to experience MWC Barcelona.

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* BREEZ uses facial recognition to instantly check your ID, for faster registration and instant verification (subject to approval).

** For more details on how we use biometric data, how it is disclosed, removing your consent and other facial recognition information, click here.