Zahid Ghadialy

Senior Director, Technology & Innovation Strategy, Parallel Wireless

Zahid Ghadialy

Speaker Bio

Zahid Ghadialy was a part of the team responsible for the first 3G network rollout in Japan and Europe. Since then he has embarked on a mission to make technology accessible to everyone. He is widely recognized as an evangelist for new and innovative technologies, often talking about them in various industry forums, conferences, and blogs.

Throughout his career, he has been involved with both innovative start-ups and established industry leaders, working with chipset and handset manufacturers, network equipment vendors, test, and measurement (T&M) companies, small cells and Wi-Fi companies, research organizations, analyst firms and consulting companies.

Zahid is a Senior Director looking at Technology and Innovation Strategy at Parallel Wireless, leading the Strategic Marketing function. In addition, he is very active with Cambridge Wireless (CW) looking at future devices, future technologies, 5G and Security.

In his free time, Zahid is busy working on trying to simplify technical jargon to make it easy for everyone to understand. His blogs are well known for explaining technology, roadmap, use cases and innovations in a simplified fashion. In addition, he is also creating free online training courses on various platforms and sharing many of the videos and presentations on his YouTube channel.