Yonat Vaks

Co-Founder, Zero

Yonat Vaks

Speaker Bio

My work is about people, memories, ideas and stories of humanity. We are an incredibly interesting and complicated species, and if you listen attentively, you will find fascinating stories everywhere.

Im interested in exploring the essence of humanity. What are the stories we tell ourselves? How is the past connected to the present and the future?

I explore these questions by combining the old and the new. I create ancient replicas and artifacts from diffferent cultures and use them as ´canvases´ to explore the connection of their past to our present. My process starts with the traditional medium of oil painting and then I morph the painting into something new, using new digital technology.

In the hidden places inside the dialog between ancient and new, traditional methods and high end tech, cultures of the past and modern globalism - lies the essence of humanity.

I have been making Cryptoart since 2017, exploring the impact this revolutionary technology is having on society. I use NFTs in some of my work to bridge the digital and the physical.

My work has been exhibited and is in private collections around the world, including collections of prominent figures and companies in the Crypto ecosystem.