Vinny Pujji

Managing Partner, Left Lane Capital

Vinny Pujji

Speaker Bio

Mr. Pujji graduated with a B.S. in Economics from The Wharton School and a B.A. in International Studies from The College of Arts and Sciences at the University of Pennsylvania, with a minor in Spanish.

Before joining Insight in 2014, Mr. Pujji worked in investing, founding, sales and marketing roles.  Starting in 2010, he was an early employee at Ampush, where he scaled Facebook performance marketing campaigns for Udemy, Dollar Shave Club and more.  Mr. Pujji started Altair Prep, an SAT prep software and services business, and scaled the business profitably to 15 employees with operations in four cities and nearly 50% of revenue online.  After taking a leave to run Altair Prep, Mr. Pujji returned to school and ran the PennEats business – a loyalty card for students – and founded Storetok – a multiplatform social commerce tool that enabled comment-to-buy functionality on Facebook, Twitter and Youtube.  During his senior year, Mr. Pujji worked as an analyst at Red and Blue Ventures (formerly Mentortech), a seed-stage investment firm best known for and Warby Parker, among other investments.

At Insight, Mr. Pujji initially worked primarily on software buyout transactions, and then later shifted to working on early growth investments.  While at Insight, Mr. Pujji helped design a tagging and flagging system for the team to engage with approximately 4,000 opportunities per year.  Mr. Pujji has held board member or observer seats at Chargebee, Duco, BharatPe, Featurespace, Harver, Copado, Ceres Imaging, Numetric and Detectify.

At Left Lane, Mr. Pujji has continued his investment focus on edtech, prosumer and small business software, and hybrid subscription business models. Operationally, he has focused on sourcing technology and process, and investment team recruiting.