Viktor Arvidsson

Head of Global Policy & Advocacy, Strategy and Business Development, Ericsson

Viktor Arvidsson

Speaker Bio

Viktor Arvidsson is head of Global Policy & Advocacy, Strategy and Business Development at Ericsson, for France, Tunisia, Algeria, Belgium and Luxembourg.  

Prior to evolving towards marketing and strategy functions in 2005, Viktor has worked with radio engineering for 8 years, first with the French operator Bouygues Telecom and then with Ericsson. 


He is member of the board of AFNUM (French industry association), the board of Connexion 21 (association dedicated to infrastructure) and member of the scientific committee of Transpolis (a French automotive/road transport test center, developing connected automotive use cases). 


He holds a CSF Infrastructures Numériques – 5G – Territoires intelligents – Emplois et compétences – International (    


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